Miniland Thermoflexi digital thermometer


  • $32.50

You can use the Thermoflexi digital thermometer from Miniland to measure armpit, mouth and rectal temperatures. Measuring is fast, accurate and convenient . Whenever the device measures a higher temperature during use, it will warn you with a beep. The tip is flexible , so it adapts easily to any adult or child.

Information about the last measured temperature

When the thermometer is switched on, the last measured value appears on the clear display . You can easily compare how your temperature develops during illness. To prevent the batteries from being discharged prematurely, the device turns off automatically after a short period of inactivity . The package includes a protective case that protects the thermometer from damage and ensures its convenient and safe storage or carrying when traveling.

Main features:

  • use rectally, underarm or mouth
  • high temperature beep
  • flexible tip
  • clear display
  • memory to the last measured value
  • automatic shutdown
  • protective case

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