Miniland Thermokit Pink thermometer set


  • $62.50

Three types of thermometers in one package are brought to you by Miniland. The kit includes a thermometer with a flexible end, a thermometer in the bathtub and a thermometer in the pacifier for the youngest children. Thermometers measure accurately and quickly, their use is easy and comfortable.

Three types of thermometers

  • The flexible end thermometer can be used in the armpit, mouth and rectally. It measures the current temperature and an audible signal sounds when the temperature is high.
  • The pacifier thermometer is designed for your youngest children. Put it in your baby's mouth and give it a comfortable feel when measuring temperature.
  • Bath thermometer offers a wide range of applications. It measures the temperature of the water, but you can also use it as a normal indoor temperature measuring device. It is waterproof and the child can take it to the bath for safe and fun play.

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