Minorga 20 mg / ml skin solution 60 ml -

Minorga Minoxidilum 20 mg / ml skin solution 60 ml


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Minorga is used to  treat hair loss (alopecia) in both men and women . Solution is applied directly to the scalp. The product is particularly suitable for men suffering from loss or weakening of hair on the top of the head, as well as for women suffering from total hair loss. The Minorga skin solution can be used by adults from 18 to 65 years of age.


Apply 1 dose (1 ml - 7 spray sprays) of the product directly to the entire affected area of ​​the scalp twice a day, morning and evening. Apply only on dry hair and scalp. The total daily dose should not be greater than 2 ml. Wash your hands after each application. The growth of new hair is gradual and variable. It is necessary to apply the product twice daily for at least 4 months. If you do not see any results within 4 months, consult your doctor for further advice.


The active substance is minoxidil 2.8 mg in one spray.

The other ingredients are propylene glycol, ethanol and purified water.


Minorga contains propylene glycol, which can cause skin irritation. Apply only to normal healthy skin. Patients with cardiovascular disease or cardiac arrhythmia should consult a physician before using the product. Do not swallow, inhale.

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