MoliCare Mobile 5 drops size L incontinence briefs 14 pcs

MoliCare Mobile 5 drops size L incontinence briefs 14 pcs


  • $48.50

Ideal for patients suffering from severe incontinence. Disposable slip-on panties provide protection against leakage and re-penetration of urine, odor and moisture . They dress and wear pleasantly like regular underwear. They provide a sense of security, comfort and elastic bands to keep shape.

Main features:

  • highly reliable 3-layer absorbent core for dryness and optimal protection
  • side tapes to prevent unwanted leakage
  • Odor Neutralizer absorbs odors quickly and reliably
  • the indicator strip at the bottom indicates the need to change the panties
  • thin with simple threading like regular underwear
  • special surface with pH 5.5 and breathable material ensures minimal risk of skin problems and keeps skin healthy
  • tear on the side for easier change of panties


Wear panties just like classic underwear and wear as needed. Replace after a maximum of 8 hours.


MoliCare Mobile 5 drops size L are designed for hips circumference 100-150 cm. MoliCare Mobile Incontinence Briefs 5 drops are available in 3 sizes (M, L, XL). To select the right size, measure the hip circumference in the hip area.

Absorption: 1198 ml.

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