MonPeri ECO Comfort L 8-13 kg baby diapers 50 pcs

MonPeri ECO Comfort L 8-13 kg baby diapers 50 pcs


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MonPeri is not just a diaper, it is child care. The ECO Comfort series are hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly disposable baby diapers without perfume and chlorine. Soft ultra- breathable diapers prevent scalding and sores . The super absorbent core quickly and safely drains fluid from the skin and locks in odors. Thanks to the unique 3D design, they help to position the baby's hips correctly. Soft elastic cuffs and strong adhesive tapes with velcro, adapt perfectly and do not prevent children from moving. Size L 8-13 kg.

6 reasons to use MonPeri Eco Comfort baby diapers

  1. The elastic waist belt adheres firmly to the child's back.
  2. Ultra breathable fabric allows the skin to breathe.
  3. The super-absorbent system keeps the skin dry.
  4. The soft cuffs around the legs have a double rubber band, which protects against diaper leakage without choking.
  5. Made of natural materials.
  6. The humidity indicator tells parents when it's time to change the diaper.

Super-absorption system

A good absorbent core locks the fluid inside to keep the diaper surface dry. SAP creates an environment with low levels of acidity, prevents the growth of bacteria and neutralizes the main components that contribute to the formation of odors.

Ultra breathable fabric with air channels

The perforated layer distributes urine efficiently and evenly and reduces the possibility of backflow. It allows air to circulate inside the diaper and protects sensitive baby skin from irritation and rash.

No rashes

MonPeri Eco Comfort is free of perfume, chlorine and other additives that could irritate children's skin and cause, for example, allergies and asthma. Bleached by TCF (totally chlorine free) method. 

Ecological composition

MonPeri Eco Comfort diapers are made from sustainable, environmentally friendly sources. At least 70% of the material is biodegradable. They do not contain any pollutants or chemicals. Diaper pulp comes from sustainably managed forests and is FSC (World Forest Certification System) certified.


Pulp - biodegradable; non-woven fabric - degradable, can be recycled, LDPE forms a thin impermeable layer inside the diaper - recyclable, degradable, non-toxic and odorless; SAP (BASF) gel are small crystals capable of absorbing up to 300 times their weight, absorbing odors and acting antibacterial - non-toxic, recyclable, does not decompose, due to their non-toxic properties is not a burden on the environment; elastene (Creora).


Keep empty packaging out of the reach of children, there is a risk of suffocation.

About the brand

The Czech brand MonPeri was inspired by the experience of mothers who wanted above-standard care for their children. All products are tested and certified by the Czech Medical Institute - SZÚ. Diapers and pads can be found in many hospitals throughout the Czech Republic. They are so gentle that even children suffering from diaper dermatitis, sores or even serious skin problems can use them without any worries.

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