Mustela STELATOPIA Gentle cleansing cream 200 ml

Mustela STELATOPIA Gentle cleansing cream 200 ml


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Does your baby have very dry or atopic eczema? Looking for a suitable cleanser to soothe your skin and relieve your baby from unpleasant itching? Mustela Stelatopia cleaning cream meets the highest quality conditions and is suitable for everyday hygiene of children, toddlers and infants from birth . It soothes irritation of problematic skin, moisturizes and softens . It has a soft, creamy texture and washes the skin very gently. It does not split eyes , so bathing and showering is a pleasant experience for children and parents.


  • Suitable for children from birth
  • gently cleans and protects the skin
  • instantly nourishes the skin and relieves feelings of irritation and tension
  • leaves the skin supple and silky soft
  • does not irritate the eyes
  • respects the natural pH of the skin
  • creamy texture very suitable for atopic skin


Apply to wet skin and lightly wash your baby's body. Rinse thoroughly and dry gently and without rubbing. Very suitable is the subsequent use of emollient balm or cream Mustela Stelatopia.


Sunflower oil distillate has soothing properties and contains lipids that form a protective barrier and bind moisture inside the skin. Avocado Perseose® : Preserves stem cell stores, moisturizes and protects atopic skin that disrupts barrier function. Plant glycerin with moisturizing properties, preventing loss of water from the skin.

Sensitive skin friendly composition

Hypoallergenic recipe without soap. It contains very mild surfactants that gently cleanse and do not burden the skin. Clinically tested. High skin and eye tolerance.

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