NAIF Baby and Baby Care Cream 75 ml -

NAIF Baby and Baby Care Cream 75 ml


  • $42.50

The care cream for babies and babies has its consistency. Designed for both face and body. To hydrate and regenerate irritated and dry skin.

Detailed product information

Take care of delicate and sensitive baby skin. Provide it with the necessary nutrition, hydration and strengthening through the NAIF care cream. Its natural formula is ideal for baby skin and for patients with atopic eczema. It preserves the natural pH and contains only natural ingredients that can be used to soothe dry spots or rashes on the face and body.


  • corrects and protects the skin
  • soothes dry and irritated spots
  • has a healing and emollient composition, ideal for topical application


Baby caring natural cream has a very pleasant consistency. It consists of the purest ingredients with a mixture of active ingredients - cotton seeds, sweet almonds, avocados, macadamia nuts and chamomile. These help to gently care for the skin and protect it. It is ideal to apply the cream to dry areas and rashes on the face and body.


Spread a small amount of cream on the skin areas of your children, which are dry, irritated or rashed. Use at any time of the day as needed, eg to hydrate after bath. The cream is suitable for use on the face, body and diaper areas, where it prevents irritation.

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