NAIF Nourishing shampoo with natural cottonseed extract 200 ml

NAIF Nourishing shampoo with natural cottonseed extract 200 ml


  • $40.50

When washing children, it is necessary to emphasize not only the body itself, but also the hair. Natural Nourishing Shampoo from NAIF is ideal for small children, but it will also be used reliably by adults. It contains cotton seed extracts and wheat protein powder and maintains a neutral pH. By regularly using it, you will achieve clean, shiny and nourished hair for your little ones.


  • gently cleans
  • nourishes and protects hair and scalp
  • does not burn in the eyes
  • the hair is smooth and shiny after use


NAIF prides itself on the purely natural composition of its products. The nourishing shampoo consists of cotton seed extract and wheat protein powder . It does not contain gluten or sulphates, so it does not foam after application to hair. You will not even find soap in it, so it will not sting when you hit your eyes - you will save tears and crying children when bathing. The active ingredients gently cleanse and help protect and nourish hair and scalp. After use, your children's hair will be soft and shiny.


Apply the shampoo in damp hair in smaller amounts and massage it over the entire length with gentle circular movements. Leave for a while, then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

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