NAIF Soothing Oil for Children and Babies 100 ml -

NAIF Soothing Oil for Children and Babies 100 ml


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Soothing oil for babies and babies. The natural composition moisturizes and relaxes the skin that remains supple and velvety soft.

Detailed product information

Natural cosmetics NAIF immerses your children's skin in fragrant cotton. It gently cares for the delicate baby skin that it moisturizes, nourishes and leaves it silky soft and supple. The soothing oil is intended for use after a bath or a relaxing massage. Contains extracts of cotton, coconut and chamomile seeds. It is quickly absorbed and does not leave a greasy film. It has a neutral pH and the scent of your little treasure is pleasantly scented.


  • moisturizes skin after bath
  • relaxes and soothes
  • leaves skin soft and supple


Like other NAIF products, soothing baby oil excels in its natural composition, which is also suitable for small babies or atopic eczema users. Contains extracts of pure natural oils from cotton seeds, coconut and chamomile. These help to relax the skin and provide the necessary hydration after the bath. The skin is velvety soft to the touch and its elasticity is strengthened. What's more, it smells good as a bonus, thanks to the hypoallergenic perfume used.


The oil is used after the bath. Apply it to the clean and dried skin of your little branches to make it pleasantly moisturize and provide it with the necessary hydration. Oils can also be used for relaxing massage.

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