NAIF Sunscreen SPF30 with natural cottonseed extract 100 ml

NAIF Sunscreen SPF30 with natural cottonseed extract 100 ml


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Children's waterproof suntan lotion with natural mineral filters effectively reflects the sun's rays. Natural protective milk spray SPF 30 Naif for children and babies contains a mineral UV filter. It is waterproof and easy to apply. Whether playing in the sun or in the shade, you should always protect your little ones from sunburn. Spray with natural mineral filters leaves a fine white veil on the skin that reflects the sun's rays. This protects your child immediately. It uses titanium dioxide instead of zinc and is therefore easy to apply. The product is dermatologically tested. It has the same pleasant fragrance as other Naif products thanks to its non-allergenic perfume, which minimizes the risk of allergic reactions.


  • SPF 30 protects against sunlight
  • leaves a fine white veil on the skin reflecting the sun's rays
  • easy to apply thanks to titanium dioxide
  • non-allergenic perfume provides a pleasant scent of the skin


The sun protection spray consists of natural substances that are very gentle and suitable for sensitive children's skin . Instead of zinc, it uses titanium dioxide to facilitate spray application. As with other NAIF products, this product is enriched with a non-allergenic perfume that leaves a delicate scent on the skin without the risk of irritation or allergic reactions.


Apply in sufficient quantity to the skin of the whole body, resp. parts that are exposed to sunlight. Spread evenly and allow to absorb thoroughly. Use repeatedly as needed, eg after bathing or excessive sweating. To maximize the effects of the spray, the manufacturer recommends application every two hours.

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