Nasatko Carrier Plastic nasal mucus aspirator set

Nosatko Carrier Plastic nasal mucus aspirator set


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Ordinary rhinitis can torment not only children but also their parents when the baby cries and is not in its skin. Mucus accumulated in the nose causes breathing difficulties for small children and may even limit them when eating. The stretcher is a mucus aspirator connected to a conventional vacuum cleaner that quickly releases a blocked nose and effectively aspirates mucus within seconds. It is suitable for infants from birth . It perfectly cleans the nose even for small children who are not yet able to exert enough force to blow their nose thoroughly. Removing excess mucus can prevent further complications.

Main features:

  • suitable for infants and young children
  • efficient exhaust technology
  • quickly removes mucus from the nasal cavity
  • nose end is safe and comfortable
  • the mucus settles in the collecting vessel

Not to make a big problem a big one

By regularly removing infected mucus from the baby's nose, you help prevent other complications such as sinusitis or middle ear inflammation. Swallowed mucus may cause babies pain in the abdomen, vomiting or diarrhea.


The aspirator removes mucus with a permanent vacuum of 0.02 bar, irrespective of the degree of suction intensity set. Place the suction bell connection in the vacuum hose and switch on the vacuum cleaner. Place the suction head on the child's nostril and aspirate excess mucus. Point the tip of the attachment rather to the side and down, as the mucus accumulates at the bottom of the cavity. After each use, the hood should be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized in boiling water or disinfectant solution. Do not be discouraged by child crying - using a breast pump does not hurt. Try for yourself to see what your child feels.


Set includes 2 suction head sizes (0-6 months and from 6 months) and suction brush. The breast pump is made of safe plastic that has undergone clinical testing.

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