Nasodren 50 mg + 5 ml solvent -

Nasodren 50 mg + 5 ml solvent

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Nasodren Nasal Spray is a natural aqueous solution containing natural cyclamen extract, which mechanically cleans the accumulated mucosal secretion in the nasal cavities and helps to eliminate it.

Detailed product information


NASODREN Nasal Spray is a liquid natural aqueous solution containing fresh cyclamen tuber extract (Cyclamen europaeum, L).

NASODREN is used for local relief of symptoms such as: nasal obstruction, nasal secretion, loss of smell and facial pain due to cleaning and loosening of accumulated mucosal secretion from facial cavities, nasal cavities and upper respiratory tract. Quick relief from these symptoms is noticeable from the initial doses.

If you use NASODREN you will experience intense drainage of accumulated nasal secretions and sinuses, which may take up to 2 hours. The result is rapid relief of head and face pain, which is often accompanied by nasal congestion, followed by secretion of the secretion.

In cases of middle ear inflammation, there is a rapid reduction in secretion accumulation, resulting in pain relief and hearing loss.


Do not use NASODREN in cases where:

● You have an allergy to cyclamen, primrose or other primrose plants.

● You have polyps of the nasal mucosa and sinuses, as it may block the passage in abundant secretion.

Pay special attention to NASODREN

● Use only one dose per day in each nostril.

● Avoid breathing during application.

● Do not let the solution get into your eyes. Local irritation causes symptoms of acute conjunctivitis.

● Pay attention to the paragraph: “If you are taking other medicines, if necessary. accessories".

● Mild or transient fishy aftertaste, burning, sneezing and tearing with increased nasal secretion may occur for a short time after application for several minutes. Such a reaction is quite common and is a symptom of the onset of NASODREN and represents the optimal response of the organism to the product. Therefore, do not stop further administration.

Nor is there any reason to worry about finding pink-colored nasal mucus.

● If accidentally used in patients with cyclamen, primrose or other primrose plants, swelling of the nasal mucosa, eyelids and face may occur.

If you are taking other medicines or accessories:

Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are going to use NASODREN and are taking or have recently taken any other medicines, including OTC products. Especially if you are taking blood clotting medicines (such as coumarin derivatives (eg Warfarin), acetylsalicylic acid (eg Acylpyrin, Aspirin, Anopyrin…) or anticholinergics (eg Atropine).

Taking NASODREN during food and drink:

The effect of NASODREN is not affected by food or drink.

Taking NASODREN during pregnancy and lactation:

Experience with NASODREN during pregnancy and lactation is unknown. However, NASODREN is not recommended for use during this period. Only physicians may decide to use it in specific cases.

Taking NASODREN in children:

NASODREN can be used in children from 5 years of age.

Driving and using machines requiring special attention:

These activities are not recommended for 2 hours after spray application.


NASODREN is for use only in the nose.

1. Place the vial upright in the upright position. Remove the protective plastic cover, unscrew the cap by turning it counterclockwise and remove the rubber stopper.

2. Open the solvent-containing plastic vial (purified water) at the top by breaking off (preferably by turning) at the point of the weakened embossment.

3. Pour all solvent into the vial containing the product.

4. Screw and tighten the spray bottle onto the vial and gently shake until the product is completely dissolved. Wait until all the foam has disappeared.

5. Remove the protective plastic cover from the nasal dispenser.

6. Before using for the first time 2-3 times, press the spray pointing at the open area. Avoid contact with eyes and mouth.

7. Keep the dispenser upright with the applicator upright. Insert the dispenser into one nostril. It is very important not to breathe during application and apply the solution only once by pressing the dispenser. Breathe deeply through your mouth and then breathe normally. Avoid direct inhalation of the product when applied.

8. Repeat the process with the other nostril.

9. Clean the dispenser after use and replace the protective cover.

How often NASODREN is used

The spray is only used once a day for one dose per nostril, preferably at the same time for one week, preferably 2 hours before bedtime. Increasing the frequency or dose does not result in efficacy of the product or acceleration of treatment.

How long NASODREN can be used

The usual treatment period is 7-10 days. If necessary, it can be extended to 12-16 days.

Significant improvement or relief of symptoms is achieved after 6-8 applications, but in particular headaches often subside after 3-5 NASODREN applications. Even then, complete the treatment for a recommended period of 7-10 days.

In cases of complications of purulent infection see your doctor.

In severe or chronic cases, treatment with NASODREN should be initiated after a 7-10 day treatment discontinuation.

If you use more NASODREN than recommended:

There is no known overdose of the product.

Increased doses of NASODREN may cause intense burning of the nasopharynx without further serious consequences.

In case of accidental overdose, rinse the nasal cavities with warm water through the nostrils and gargle space.

If you forget NASODREN during treatment

If you discontinue treatment before this leaflet is provided, you can expect the results not to be expected. Similarly, do not use NASODREN any longer than stated here.


No side effects have been reported with NASODREN yet.

Seek medical attention if tearing or salivation persists after application for more than 2 hours.

Also tell your doctor or pharmacist if some of the symptoms appear serious, as well as if you notice any side effects not mentioned here.


Keep out of the reach and sight of children.

Store at 15-25 ° C before dilution.

After dilution, the product must be stored in a refrigerator (2-8 ° C) for a period not exceeding 16 days. Protect from light.

Do not use the product after the expiry date which is stated on the carton, the vial containing the powder and the vial containing water. The expiry date contains information about the last day of use in the specified month.

After dilution, we recommend that you note this day and the shelf life, for example, on the label:

NASODREN diluted on …………… ..

Applicable 16 days to ………… .. …… ...

Do not dispose of the unused product by pouring it into the waste, but return to the pharmacy. Its disposal is already prepaid and, moreover, you save the environment.


What NASODREN contains

- The active substance is dried (lyophilized) juice from the juice and natural liquids contained in fresh tubers of cyclamen (Cyclamen europaeum, L) 50 mg.

Each dose of nasal spray represents 0.13 ml (2-3 drops) of solution. This amount is 1.3 mg of powder. The final solution is prepared for 38 doses to be used for a maximum of 16 days.

- The product contains no additives, preservatives or chlorides.

The solution (5 ml of purified water) is designed to dilute the lyophilized powder.

What contains one NASODREN package

NASODREN is a nasal spray powder. The package contains:

● 1 bottle containing 50 mg lyophilized powder.

 ● 1 ampoule containing 5 ml solution (purified water).

● 1 spray pump.

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