Naturgyn Scarlett Natural Care for Women 2 Vaginal balls -

Naturgyn Scarlett Natural Care for Women 2 Vaginal balls


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Herbal detoxification vaginal ball is a unique pure natural product made according to an ancient Chinese recipe of herbs found only in alpine areas of China and is intended to support the maintenance of gynecological and urological health of a woman. Thanks to the substances contained in the herbs it detoxifies, absorbs undesirable organisms, deodorizes, cleans and promotes the microbiological balance of the vaginal mucosa. Accelerates the natural recovery of the optimal vaginal environment. It positively helps to suppress vaginal infections: especially vaginal mycosis (candidiasis) and bacterial vaginosis associated with discomfort (burning, cutting, itching, odor, discharge).

Suitable for women with chronic vaginal discomfort, gynecological non-infectious discharge and for detoxification and mucosal regeneration after vaginal treatment. Suitable for pregnant and nursing. 
Lactobacilli substitution is recommended for complex regeneration and restoration of the vaginal microflora. 

Vaginal ball with a diameter of approx. 12mm, pulled by a cotton wholesome surface net, a thread wrapped around the spur which must be loosened before use. The inside of the ball consists of dried leaves and flowers of 8 Chinese herbs. Body NaturGYN Scarlet has been clinically tested with excellent results in the Czech Republic and has been awarded the seal and guarantee of the Czech Gynecological and Obstetric Society for both 2014 and 2015. 

In case of repeated problems of 2 balls a month, each load for 72h, then a 1 day pause and the second balls reintroduce for 72h. Repeat therapy for at least 3 months. 
Introduce 1 ball per month for 72h for preventive detoxification and regeneration. 

If the symptoms persist, in the 2-ball applications, the month continues until complete disappearance. 

Also suitable for pregnant women, nursing mothers and women with diabetes. Can be used with contraception. 

Carefully read the package leaflet before use. 
NaturGYN Scarlett is a medical device freely available without a medical recipe. 

Contains 2 balls

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