Naturvita Kofex 80 tablets

Naturvita Kofex 80 tablets


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Two KOFEX tablets are equal to a caffeine content of 7 to 10 g of coffee. Ingested caffeine begins to affect the body in about half an hour for 5 hours.

Effects of caffeine:

  • positively stimulates the central nervous system - thus delaying fatigue and improving concentration - is suitable in periods with the need for maximum concentration, under stress and increased mental stress (for students, managers, drivers)
  • increases blood pressure, dilates arteries and promotes heart rate
  • it stimulates the blood and respiratory system (heart and respiration) and therefore helps asthmatics
  • it promotes the generation of energy, increases the fatty acid content in the blood and is therefore used by athletes
  • Pure caffeine is supplemented in tablets with a natural form - guarana extract, which is not addictive and therefore completely safe.

The product does not contain preservatives, synthetic colors or aromas.

Recommended dosage:
maximum 5 tablets per day

Dietary supplement content:
Each tablet contains a total of 50 mg of caffeine, derived both from pure caffeine (40 mg) and from guarana extract (10 mg). There are no recommended daily doses for caffeine.

It is not intended as a substitute for a varied diet. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Keep out of reach of children!

Content in one package:
80 tablets

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