Neocapil skin spray, 50 ml solution


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Neocapil is a skin solution used externally to treat hair loss locally , which may be confined (corners, forehead) or unbounded (over the head). Neocapil stimulates hair growth in thinning to glabrous areas of the head and stops further hair loss. Neocapil can be used by men and women over 18 years of age.

How to use Neocapil:

Spray the product only on the healthy and completely dry skin of the thinly completely hairless areas of the hairy part of the head twice daily until slightly moistened. Be careful not to drain the solution. For one treatment, use a maximum of 10 doses, which corresponds to a 1 ml solution. The treatment is long-term, at least 3 months. The onset of treatment effect and the extent of hair growth recovery are individual. If there is no improvement within 3-4 months, consult your doctor for further use. Do not use more than 1 ml of solution (10 doses) per treatment regardless of the area to be treated and more than 2 ml of solution (20 doses) per day.


The active substance is minoxidil 20 mg in 1 ml solution.

The other ingredients are ethanol 96%, propylene glycol and purified water.


If you are being treated for heart disease, vascular disease or high blood pressure, treatment should be supervised by a doctor.

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