Neostrata Enlighten Brightener Day Cream 40 g

Neostrata Enlighten Brightener Day Cream 40 g


  • $86.50

Triple Moisturizing Day Cream: Reduces the appearance of unwanted pigmentation, brightens and unifies skin tone and protects the skin from new spots.

Composition : 8% NeoGlucosamine® - gently exfoliates and promotes cell renewal, reducing unwanted skin discoloration. Brightener B-Resorciol (0.3%) and SabiWhite® (0.25% THC) focus on the enzymes involved in pigment production and thus slow down or even stop their formation. Strong antioxidants , Chardonnay grape seed extract and vitamin E together with complementary photoprotection (sunscreen ) prevent environmental damage as well as oxidative skin changes.

We recommend including this multifunctional brightener in regular home skin care with a tendency to hyperpigmentation. It is applied to the affected area after thorough skin cleansing for at least 15 minutes before exposure to sunlight.

Can be used alone or after application of NeoStrata® TARGETED Pigment Lightening Gel.

Content : 40g

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