NOVEXPERT Lip'Up with Hyaluronic acid cream for correction and lip volume 8 ml

NOVEXPERT Lip'Up with Hyaluronic acid cream for correction and lip volume 8 ml


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If you are looking for pure natural care , there is NOVEXPERT cosmetics, which bring the answer to the needs of your skin in botanical extracts processed by modern biotechnologies. NOVEXPERT Lip'Up with Hyaluronic acid cream for correction and lip volume 8 ml is a product from the anti-age series HYALURONIC ACID. It contains a high concentration of pure hyaluronic acid and seaweed extract, which supports the elasticity of the skin . The 100% natural composition hydrates and smoothes the lips and gives them volume . Argan oil and shea butter give the lips suppleness and softness .


  • the lips are supple and soft
  • gives the lips hydration and volume
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • for all skin types including sensitive
  • also suitable for vegans
  • without conservants


Oils and Butters: Argan oil, nutritious shea butter and castor oil. Active ingredients: Seaweed extract ALARIA ESCULENTA supports skin elasticity, BISABOLOLOL - soothing ingredient, COCCINIA INDICA fruit extract, COMMIPHORA MUKUL resin extract, soothing dragon's blood extract - CROTON LECHLERI, plant polyglycerides - moisturizing ingredients from semen and botanicals Persian lilac flowers, PALMITOYL ISOLEUCINE (biotechnology and corn), botanical extract from Muira Puama, hyaluronic acid (biotechnology and wheat), vitamin E (soy).


How to combine lipstick and Lip'Up? Matt effect: Apply Lip'Up and leave on for 15 minutes and then apply lipstick. If you want glossy lips, apply Lip'Up immediately after the lipstick. Frequency of use: use 3 times a day .

About the brand

The top skin care of the French brand Novexpert was developed in collaboration with leading scientists and doctors. It combines the power of nature with modern technologies and knowledge from many years of research in the field of molecular biology and epigenetics. Only well-known natural substances that are naturally found in the human body are used as ingredients. Their effects are already proven and substantiated . Novexpert products contain only 100% natural substances that are easily absorbed by the skin. They are clean, safe and hypoallergenic . They do not contain any preservatives or substances of animal origin. They can also be used by pregnant and lactating women. The quality of Novexpert cosmetics is confirmed by the ECOCERT certification.

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