Nuance Magical Glamour Hand Cream 50 ml


  • $37.50

Multiactive cream for the delicate beauty of your hands . Nuance Magical Hand Cream delivers hand care that is truly familiar. The basis is shea butter from crushed oil seeds of tropical tree. It has a nourishing and moisturizing effect. It softens and regenerates the skin and protects against various types of external stress such as cold and wind. Sunflower oil helps restore skin elasticity. The active substance from the prickly pear stems of the preparations is an excellent cell defense activator. Helps protect skin and prevent premature aging due to environmental stress and aggression.

The power of natural extracts:

  • toning - lemon extracts toning the skin and helping to rebound
  • regeneration - arnica extract has a softening and regenerating effect for dry and damaged skin
  • Firming - Horsetail extract contains silicone, which strengthens the skin and gives it elasticity, contains minerals and regenerates.


Shea butter, sunflower oil, preparations, extracts of arnica, lemon and horsetail.

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