Nutilis Powder 300 g

Nutilis Powder 300 g


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Nutilis is a thickener for food and beverages . Dietary food for special medical purposes is intended for the dietary process of difficulty swallowing - dysphagia . Nutilis has amylase-resistant properties that help counteract the action of the enzyme amylase in the mouth. The result is an increased protein content and better maintenance of the consistency of concentrated drinks in the mouth, allowing safer swallowing . Thanks to the content of high-quality whey, it is suitable for patients with an increased need for protein, reduced protein intake or as a protein supplement for obese patients or diabetics. The powder has a  neutral taste , so when mixed into popular foods, it does not change their taste. Gluten-free.

Main features:

  • diet food for thickening beverages and food
  • for patients with swallowing disorders
  • with increased need for protein
  • neutral taste
  • gluten-free


Maltodextrin, thickeners (modified starch (from maize), tara gum, xanthan, guar gum).


Nutilis can be added to cold or warm liquids, nutritional supplements, soups or mixed diets . It does not affect the taste of the concentrated drink or food. Concentrated food can be heated, cooled or frozen without affecting consistency. Store the closed can in a dry and cool place (up to 25 ° C, not in the refrigerator). Use only the measuring cup provided for dosing. Wash your hands, use clean dishes and make sure the surface of the can is clean. Add the prescribed amount of powder to the liquid (drink) or mixed diet and  mix well in a shaker with a whisk or fork . Allow to stand for a few minutes to achieve the desired consistency. Do not add more powder, as the solution will thicken after standing for a while. Always prepare each portion fresh andconsume it within 2 hours of preparation . Always dispose of uneaten food. Use the contents of the package within 2 months of opening.


For enteral use only. Not intended for parenteral administration. For
medical use only . Unsuitable as the only source of nutrition. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Use only as a thickener for food and beverages. Not suitable for patients with galactosemia.

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