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HCU Anamix Infant is a food for special medical purposes. For controlled dietary nutrition with proven homocystinuria unresponsive to vitamin B6 / CBS deficiency or hypermethioninemia in infants from birth to 12 months of age and as supplementary nutrition in children under 3 years of age. A mixture of essential and non-essential amino acids without methionine with carbohydrates, fats, fiber, vitamins, minerals and trace elements, in powder.

For enteral use only. For medical use only. Intended exclusively for patients with proven homocystinuria who do not respond to vitamin B6 / CBS deficiency treatment or hypermethionemia.

The package contains 400 g.

Dosage and method of use

Recommended Dosage: The amount and dilution of nutrition will be determined by a physician or clinician qualified in clinical nutrition depending on the patient's age, weight, and medical condition.
Recommended dilution of nutrition: For each leveled measuring cup (5 g of powder) 30 ml of water is needed to reach the recommended concentration of nutrition (15% vol., Ie 15 g of powder diluted with water to a total volume of 100 ml). The osmolality at this concentration is 380 mOsmol / kg H2O.

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly and the place where you will prepare the nutrition. Sterilize bottles and teats.
  2. Boil fresh baby water for 5 minutes or until the kettle switches off. Let it cool for at least 30 minutes so that it is warm when you drip on the inside of your wrist. Pour the required amount of water into a sterilized bottle.
  3. Fill the included measuring cup with powder and level it with a clean and dry knife. Do not squeeze the powder in the measuring cup. Use only the measuring cup provided. 4. Add the prescribed number of measuring cups to the water. Close the bottle and shake well until the powder dissolves. Before serving, check the temperature of the diet by dropping a few drops on the inside of the wrist.
  4. Serve immediately after preparation. If you do not use the food within one hour of preparation, discard the contents of the bottle. Nutrition must not be overheated during administration.

Powdered infant formula is not sterile. Always prepare the nutrition just before serving. Do not overcook the food and do not use a microwave oven to heat the food.


Ingredients: Glucose syrup, vegetable oils (sunflower with a high content of oleic acid, coconut, rapeseed, sunflower), galactooligosaccharides (from cow's milk), L-lysine-L-glutamate, L-leucine, L-proline, L-arginine, L-valine, emulsifier (esters of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids with citric acid), L-isoleucine, glycine, calcium phosphate, acid L-aspartic, L-threonine, L-serine, L-tyrosine, L-phenylalanine, potassium citrate, L-alanine, L-histidine, fructooligosaccharides, potassium chloride, choline bitartrate, L-cystine, magnesium acetate, calcium glycerophosphate, L -tryptophan, sodium hydrogen phosphate, oil from Crypthecodinium cohnii, oil from the fungus Mortierella alpina, sodium chloride, L-glutamine, inositol, L-glutamic acid, L-ascorbic acid, antioxidants (sunflower lecithin, ascorbyl palmitate, DL -? - tocopherol ), taurine, ferrous sulphate, zinc sulphate, L-carnitine, DL-β-tocopheryl acetate, calcium D-pantothenate, nicotinamide, copper sulphate, thiamine hydrochloride, pyridoxine hydrochloride, riboflavin,retinyl acetate, potassium iodide, manganese sulphate, pteroylmonoglutamic acid, chromium chloride, phytomenadione, sodium selenite, sodium molybdate, D-biotin, cholecalciferol, cyanocobalamin.

Information for allergy sufferers: contains milk.

Nutritional information per 100 g of powder:
Energy value 1950 kJ / 466 kcal
Fats 23.0 g [of which saturated fatty acids 7.7 g, Monounsaturated fatty acids 11.3 g, Polyunsaturated fatty acids 4.0 (Linoleic acid 3.21 g, Alpha-linolenic acid 0.32 g, Arachidonic acid 0.12 g, Docosahexaenoic acid 0.12 g)]
Carbohydrates 50.1 g (of which sugars 7.5 g)
Fiber3.7 g Protein (equivalent) 13.1 g (of which L-alanine 0.64 g, L-arginine 1.09 g, L-aspartic acid 0.93 g, L-cystine 0.41 g, L-acid -glutamic 1.22 g, L-glutamine 0.13 g, Glycine 0.99 g, L-histidine 0.62 g, L-isoleucine 0.98 g, L-leucine 1.67 g, L-lysine 1, 14 g, L-methionine - **, L-phenylalanine 0.74 g, L-proline 1.18 g, L-serine 0.73 g, L-threonine 0.82 g, L-tryptophan 0.33 g, L-tyrosine 0.74 g, L-valine 1.07 g
Salt 0.48 g
Vitamins : [Vitamin A 408 mcg, Vitamin D 11.2 mcg, Vitamin E 11.5 mg (9.23 mg TE), Vitamin C 48.9 mg, Vitamin K 37.3 mcg, Thiamine 0.51 mg, Riboflavin 0.51 mg, Niacin 2.33 mg (7.83 mg NE), Vitamin B6 0.51 mg, Folic acid 55.0 mcg, Folate 91.7 mcg, Vitamin B12 1.21 mcg, Biotin 18.2 mcg, Pantothenic acid 2.81 mg
Mineralsand trace elements : Sodium 191 mg, Potassium 505 mg, Chlorine 355 mg, Calcium 410 mg, Phosphorus 300 mg, Magnesium 58.3 mg, Iron 7.92 mg, Copper 0.42 mg, Zinc 5.59 mg, Manganese 0.029 mg, Iodine 97.9 mcg, Molybdenum 12.1 mcg, Selenium 17.7 mcg, Chromium 14.0? g
Other : L-carnitine 10.1 mg, Choline 146 mg, Inositol 97.9 mg, Taurine 30.0 mg

* at the recommended nutritional concentration (15% vol.)
** Not added


Read the package leaflet carefully!

Not intended for parenteral administration.
Unsuitable as the only source of nutrition. Intended for infants and as supplementary nutrition for young children.

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