Nutrilon 2 Good Night 6 pack x 800 gr

Nutrilon 2 Good Night 6 pack x 800 gr


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Nutrilon 2 Good Night (formerly Pronutra) - for a peaceful sleep for children. Nutrilon 2 Good Night is the appropriate choice of follow-on milk formula for your baby if it is no longer or cannot be fully breast-fed.

Rice flakes in the milk will help the baby feed, so it will not starve at night. It is recommended to use it as the last dose of nutrition before going to sleep. During the day, you can then serve the normal baby formula (eg Nutrilon 2).

Nutrilon contains a unique blend of galacto- (GOS) and fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) developed in the same way as breast milk oligosaccharides, where it forms the third largest component. Oligosaccharides are naturally occurring substances that are used by your baby's intestinal microflora. Our unique blend has been clinically tested in more than 30 studies over 15 years.

Packaging : 6 x 800g

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