Nutrilon 4 Vanilla 6pack x 800 g

Nutrilon 4 Vanilla 6pack x 800 g


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Nutrilon 4 Vanilla (formerly Pronutra) is the right choice for toddler infant formulas for your baby if it is no longer or cannot be fully breastfed. Nutrilon contains a unique clinically tested mixture of oligosaccharides GOS / FOS developed in the same way as breast milk oligosaccharides, where it forms the third largest component. Oligosaccharides are naturally occurring substances that are used by your baby's intestinal microflora. Our unique GOS / FOS blend has been clinically tested in more than 30 studies over 15 years.

In addition, Nutrilon 4 Vanilla contains a delicate vanilla flavor that will make your baby enjoy drinking Nutrilon milk even at toddler age. Nutrilon 4 Vanilla is adapted to the nutritional needs of a child from the age of two.


Size 1 dose

Preparation of 1 dose. Number of scales + water

166 ml

5 + 150 ml

200 ml

6 + 180 ml

233 ml

7 + 210 ml

266 ml

8 + 240 ml

Preparation instructions:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly and sterilize all the dishes you use.
  2. Boil fresh drinking water intended for infants and allow it to cool to approximately 40 ° C in the kettle for about 30 minutes.
  3. Pour the appropriate amount of water into the sterilized bottle. Do not re-use boiled water.
  4. Always use the measuring cup provided for dispensing and align the powder with a special plastic strap inside the package to achieve an accurate dose. Do not compress the powder in the measuring cup.
  5. Add the appropriate amount of powder to the water. Excessive deviations from the recommended doses may have harmful consequences.
  6. Close the bottle and shake vigorously (at least 10 seconds) until all the powder has dissolved. Remove the cap and replace it with a sterile teat.
  7. Check the temperature of the milk mixture by dropping it on the inside of the wrist and administer the prepared dose immediately.

Packaging:  6 x 800g

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