Nutrilon 5 Vanilla 6 pack x 800 g

Nutrilon 5 Vanilla 6 pack x 800 g


  • $155.50

Nutrilon 5 Vanilla (formerly Pronutra) promotes the successful development of your baby by contributing, thanks to its unique composition: - to the proper functioning of the immune system through vitamins A, C and D - to brain development through LCP fatty acids (from the omega 3 group) Linolene) - based on 30 years of breast milk research, it contains a clinically tested blend of scGOS / lcFOS (9: 1) oligosaccharides.

Milk to meet the increasing demands on the baby organism. Nutrilon 5 Pronutra Vanilla also has a vanilla flavor that will help your baby to enjoy Nutrilon milk even in childhood. The effects of Nutrilon Pronutra's unique milk composition on children's health have been clinically tested.

Packaging : 6 x 800g

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