Nutrilon Profutura 1 3x800 gr

Nutrilon Profutura 1- 3x800 gr


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You can influence the health of your child in adulthood up to 80%, only 20% is determined by genes. The decisive influence on the future health of your child are the environmental factors, most nutrition at an early age.

Nutrilon 1 initial milk Profutura 800g

  • A blend of easy-to-use fats with added DHA
  • Unique blend of prebitoic oligosaccharides scGOS / lcFOS (9: 1) mimicking the function of breast milk oligosaccharides whose effects on children's health have been clinically tested. Oligoscharides are used by your baby's intestinal microflora.
  • In addition, it contains LCP fatty acids and nucloids in the recommended amount by leading nutritionists.

Infant milk inspired by nutritional programming science (ENP) for infants from birth to 6 months.

If you are feeding infant milk for the first time, be aware that your baby may reject the first milk. The transition from breastfeeding to infant milk is a major change in both taste and drinking patterns. The baby needs time to accept the change, and alternating multiple types of milk will not solve this problem, but rather may burden its immature digestive system. Arm yourself with patience and try infant milk for more than a week! 

For the nutrition of newborns and infants, breast milk is the most natural and advantageous diet, the representation of their nutrients and their quality. Nutrilon 1 initial milk should be used on the advice of a physician or person qualified in human nutrition, pharmacy, or mother and child care. The product is intended for infants from birth if they cannot be breast-fed. It is suitable for feeding infants during the first months of life until the introduction of appropriate baby foods. It is important for the health of infants to comply strictly with the preparation instructions and the recommendations given.

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