NUTRIWORKS KetoWorx Meal 500g chocolate

NUTRIWORKS KetoWorx Meal 500g chocolate


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Keto Worx Meal is primarily intended as a meal replacement for any type of weight loss diet that reduces carbohydrate intake. It contains pea protein, MCT powder (coconut oil, corn fiber and sodium caseinate) and collagen peptides.
- Meal replacement when burning excess fat
- Pea protein + MCT powder + collagen peptides (source of bovine collagen)
- Support for any reduction diet
- Regeneration support
- Sweetened with steviol glycosides
Keto Worx Meal fully replaces food, as it focuses on all areas related to nutrient intake and weight reduction:
1.Pear protein = building material and regeneration support
2.MCT fats = weight reduction, energy source and regeneration support
3. Collagen peptides = building block and support of regeneration
Pea protein
Pea protein is not included in the supplement by chance. It contains a large amount of arginine, an amino acid whose properties are related to the level of nitric oxide and also to the burning of subcutaneous fat. The use of arginine is common in supplements designed to support training results and oxygenation, and in recent years also in supplements to support weight reduction.
MCT fats
So-called MCT fats (Medium chain triglycerides) are a special type of fat that is currently part of effective diet programs for weight optimization. Thanks to their shorter chain, they are easily digestible and have a number of benefits related to how the body processes them and how they behave in the body. Most importantly, the body processes them differently than other fats. It uses them as an immediate source of energy without storing them in fat cells. Their properties are related to:
- Production of hormones inducing a feeling of fullness - peptide YY and leptin.
- Weight, obesity and waist circumference
- Energy and fuel for the body
- Energy and fuel for the brain
- The condition of the intestinal wall and microbiome
Collagen peptides (source of bovine collagen)
Collagen is one of the basic building blocks of the whole body. Together with pea protein, it is the main nutrient, at the same time its effects in the body are related to tissue regeneration and the condition of the digestive tract.


Main benefits of the product:

- Nordic quality = Made in Suomi + Swerige
- Pure, instant form
- Does not contain artificial sweeteners
The product is suitable for all individuals focused on:
- Reduction diet
- Burning excess fat
Nutriworks brand

Young, successful and very dynamic. This is how Nutriworks, a Finnish brand from the land of a thousand lakes, can be characterized. The overall concept of the brand, which was founded in 2009 in Helsinki, is based on a modern and ethical approach to sports nutrition, both in connection with the latest trends and a healthy lifestyle. The brand project was also created in response to the growing so-called mainstream trend of cheap sports nutrition of very low quality.

NutriWorks thus represents a professional sports nutrition concept designed primarily for sports clubs, nutritionists and specialist retailers. All products are manufactured in Finland and Sweden in accordance with the highest quality standards. The main philosophy of the brand is the maximum possible quality, functionality, simplicity and reasonable price. The goods are offered in two lines - the white line is designed without the use of artificial sweeteners and the black line with a minimized content of artificial sweeteners.

Mix 45 g (approx. 3 scoops) with 3 dl of water in a shaker. Suitable for people on a keto diet.
Number of doses in the package:
11 x 45 g

Number of doses in the package: 11 x 45 g
100 g
45 g *
Energy value
2165 kJ / 517 kcal
974 kJ / 233 kcal
38.5 g
17.3 g
of which saturated fatty acids
20.7 g
9.3 g
6.2 g
2.8 g
of which sugars
0.7 g
0.3 g
37.8 g
17 g
0.8 g
0.4 g
* 1 dose corresponds to 45 g. The package contains 11 doses.
Pea protein, MCT powder [coconut oil, soluble corn fiber, sodium caseinate (allergen milk)], emulsifier sunflower lecithin, collagen peptides (source of bovine collagen), cocoa powder (12%), aroma, coconut milk, maltodextrin, anti-caking agent oxide siliceous, sweetener steviol glycosides.
Dietary supplement. Pea protein with MCT and collagen peptides, with sweetener. With chocolate flavor. Store in a dry, cool (15-25 ° C) and dark place, out of reach of children. May contain traces of milk, soy, eggs, gluten, dried nuts, almonds and fish.

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