Ocutein SENSIGEL Moisturizing Eye Gel 15 ml -

Ocutein SENSIGEL Moisturizing Eye Gel 15 ml

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Ocutein SENSIGEL is a moisturizing eye gel with an instant refreshing effect. For daily care of delicate skin around the eyes.

Detailed product information

Ocutein SENSIGEL Moisturizing Eye Gel provides gentle skin around the eyes. It has an immediate soothing and refreshing effect. It works against fatigue, swelling and circles under the eyes, regenerates and moisturizes the skin, reduces facial wrinkles and strengthens the skin.

Ocutein SENSIGEL contains

  • Highly hydrating hyaluronic acid and elastin , which have regenerating and moisturizing effects on the skin. They improve skin elasticity and prevent the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Extract of skylight , which has a soothing, antibacterial and regenerative effect.
  • Natural caffeine, which stimulates microcirculation, acts on the under-eye circles and reduces swelling.

The light gel texture is easily absorbed and creates an instant cooling effect. The active ingredients, coupled with the roll-on applicator massage, further enhance skin microcirculation and provide immediate relief. The eye gel does not contain perfume and has a high degree of tolerance for sensitive skin.


Use in the morning and in the evening, if necessary during the day. Using a ball applicator, apply a circular motion at a safe distance around the eyes. Before applying make-up, wait until the eye cream is completely absorbed into the skin.


Do not apply to eyes. Not for children under 3 years.

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