Ocutein Sensitive Plus Eye Drops 15 ml -

Ocutein Sensitive Plus Eye Drops 15 ml

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Do you need to relieve tired, irritated and dry eyes? Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

Detailed product information

Eye Drops provide instant soothing and long-term relief for irritated, tired, red or dry eyes. They have a highly effective soothing lubricating and moisturizing effect.

Ocutein SENSITIVE PLUS contains a unique combination of sodium hyaluronate and blueberry extract . Sodium hyaluronate creates the ideal environment for the eyes, helping to protect and lubricate the eye surface . Blueberry extract helps to relieve the feeling of tired eyes and helps maintain good eyesight. Ocutein SENSITIVE PLUS eye drops are recommended to be used in all activities where the ocular mucous membrane is dried and irritated, eg when driving, air conditioning, reading, working on the PC, watching TV.

  • moderates irritation caused by glare, wind, dust and smoke
  • help relieve tired eyes
  • contribute to maintaining good vision
  • it reduces the feeling of dryness when wearing contact lenses all day
  • they are also suitable for very sensitive eyes
  • they can be applied to contact lenses
  • shelf life 90 days after first opening


Apply 1-2 drops to each eye once or more per day as needed. Contact lens users apply drops on contact lenses during the day as needed.


Do not use in any of the ingredients if you are hypersensitive. Don't swallow. Do not use after the expiry date. Keep out of the reach of children.

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