Oilesen Vitamin D3 400 drops 10ml

Oilesen Vitamin D3 400 drops 10ml


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OILESEN Vitamin D3 400 is a dietary supplement in the form of an oil solution that contains vitamin D3 with extra virgin olive oil.

Vitamin D is essential for normal bone growth and development and for the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. It maintains a normal concentration of calcium in the blood, participates in the formation of bones and teeth, and therefore helps maintain healthy bones and teeth. Vitamin D is also essential for the functioning of muscles and the immune system.

It is suitable for newborns, young children, adolescents and adults with vitamin D deficiency.
The package contains 10 ml.

Dosage and method of use

Infants from the end of the 1st month and children can take 1 drop daily.
Children from 12 years and adults take 2 drops a day.

Drip directly on the pacifier, nipple or under the tongue of the infant, or into food or drink.


One drop (0.025 ml) contains vitamin D3 400 IU 10 mcg (200% RVH *).
* RVH = nutritional reference value

Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) (0.04%).


Once opened, store in a refrigerator and use within two months.

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