Oliv Moonlight Face Care 50 ml

Oliv Moonlight Face Care 50 ml


  • $103.50

You can look younger and more attractive by taking regular care of your skin! Oliv Brightening Cream helps reduce pigment spots thanks to active ingredients that prevent melanin production. It is suitable for all skin types where it supports natural skin elasticity. Using a cream will give you a radiant look and purity for a great sense of yourself and recognition from your surroundings.


  • suppresses melanin production in a natural way
  • reduces the appearance of pigment spots and the formation of new ones
  • strengthens skin elasticity
  • the skin is bright and clear


Everyone can benefit from the beneficial effects of the cream regardless of skin type. It is also suitable for soft and very dry skin with pigment spots. It contains active substances, namely arbutin, olive leaf extract, daisy, lily, edelweiss, jojoba, shea butter, aloe vera, macadamia, sunflower and sesame. Their combination effectively prevents the production of melanin, which results in pigmentation of the skin. The skin remains elastic, bright and clean for a long time.


The cream is suitable for daily use in the evening before bedtime. Apply it as normal and gently spread across the face and neck. To maximize the effects, supplement the product with night serum Oliv.

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