Omron EVOLV tonometre + 5 years warranty


  • $260.50

Arm gauge with large and clear display . Clinically proven accuracy according to the European Society of Hypertension protocol - measurement is as accurate as the doctor's listening method. The new Hi-tech technology ensures high- precision pressure measurement at home. It provides Bluetooth connectivity to the OMRON Connect application , which is available for free on GooglePlay and AppStore. The device is able to evaluate cardiac arrhythmias , ie irregularities in cardiac action. Provides split memory to record date and time for 100 measurements .

Main features:

  • OLED display for easy reading of data
  • Bluetooth connection to OMRON Connect
  • Intelli Cuff for High Precision Results (Circuit 22-42cm)
  • Divided memory 1x100 measurements record date and time
  • 300 alkaline battery life
  • measuring range: blood pressure 40-260 mmHg, pulse 40-180 / min
  • Accuracy of measurement: blood pressure / - 3 mmHg, pulse / - 5% of measured value
  • clinically proven accuracy
  • extended warranty 5 years!

Bluetooth connection

The Omron Evolv tonometer provides Bluetooth connectivity to the OMRON Connect app for Android / iOS devices (Bluetooth SMART v.4.0). Supported devices can be found at . OMRON Connect is free to download on GooglePlay and AppStore. More information at .

Intelli cuff for highly accurate results

  • The new Intelli cuff has a larger sensing area than other tonometers on the market. The results are always accurate.
  • Eliminates misalignment errors to support accurate blood pressure measurements at home. Therefore, doctors can rely on these values ​​to diagnose and treat hypertension.
  • Checking the cuff tightness alerts you to errors due to improper (eg insufficient) cuff tightening. If the corresponding symbol is displayed with the message OK, the results are reliable.
  • Evaluates inappropriate motion when measuring. Movement during measurement may affect its accuracy. If this symbol appears, repeat the measurement.

Package contains:

  • Omron Evolv
  • INTELLI cuff (for arm circumference 22-42 cm)
  • AAA alkaline batteries, 4pcs
  • travel case
  • complete CZ manual
  • CELIMED blue warranty card

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