Omron HeatTens Pain Treatment


  • $183.50

The device with clinically proven effect provides dual therapy for the treatment of pain. The heat warms up and relaxes the muscle . The Tens program provides 3 types of massage and you can regulate its intensity according to your needs. Tens relieves pain through a triple effect : 1. blocks the reports of pain in the brain, 2. increases the production of natural anesthetics in the body (endorphins), 3. improves blood circulation through controlled muscle activity. The device has simple, intuitive operation. Individual programs are selected according to the affected part of the body and the strength of the pain.

When to use Omron HeatTens?

Hip, knee, shoulder pain, arthrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, back pain: neck and lumbar spine, rigid back and shoulder muscles; conditions associated with disease processes of the tendons and ligaments: for example, tennis elbow, difficulty caused by sports, strain, sprain, sprain of the joints, muscle injuries; spasms, tissue perfusion disorders, postoperative pain, amputation pain, post-traumatic pain.

Main features:

  • the HEAT program provides two adjustable electrode heating: low temperature 42 ° C and high temperature 43 ° C
  • the TENS program offers 9 different intelligent programs for individual parts of the human body: low frequency for stiff muscles, high frequency for acute pain
  • TENS program provides 3 types of massage: tapping, kneading and rubbing, the intensity of the massage is graded to 20 levels, which you can choose
  • the device has preset 6 treatment zones according to individual body parts: shoulder, joint, arms, lower back, leg and foot
  • HeatTens gel electrodes with extended life and excellent biocompatibility
  • Built-in / rechargeable Li-ion battery (3.7V / 1510mAh)
  • heat function on indicator
  • simple control


Place the gel adhesive electrodes in the affected, sore area and select the appropriate program according to the enclosed instruction manual. Do not use the device for treatment or stimulation for more than 30 minutes. Use at most 3 times a day!


Package contains: device, HeatTens electrodes with connecting cable, electrode holder, 2 pairs (2x2) gel electrode layers, power supply Omron HHP-CM11, complete approved CZ manual, CELIMED warranty card.


Do not use the device on persons with implants such as pacemakers! It is designed for adults. Use only on normal, healthy, dry and clean skin.

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