Omron M3 with color indicator of hypertension blood pressure tester + 220V AC power supply

Omron M3 with color indicator of hypertension blood pressure tester + 220V AC power supply


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Extended easy cuff (22-42cm) with easy tightening, replaces 2 cuffs (standard + for strong arm). Clinically proven accuracy according to the European Society of Hypertension protocol - measurement is as accurate as the doctor's listening method.

Color indicator of hypertension for easy evaluation (LED next to the display) unlit = OK, orange = some of the measured values ​​is higher than the "healthy" blood pressure for home measurements: 135/85 mmHg.

The colored cuff tightening indicator - (LED next to the display) indicates errors due to inappropriate (eg, insufficient) cuff tightening. Green = OK results are reliable. Unlit = wrong (need to tighten or position the cuff correctly and repeat the measurement).

Dual memory for two users: 2x 60 measurements, including date and time + HOST MODE

Cuff Tightening Check - (Display icon) warns of errors due to improper (eg insufficient) cuff tightening. If the corresponding symbol is displayed with the message OK, the results are reliable.

Evaluation of Inappropriate Measurement Movement -Measurement movement can affect its accuracy. If this symbol appears, repeat the measurement.

Evaluate arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) - If this icon appears frequently, contact your doctor.

TK level indicator - graphic indicator of blood pressure level. Calculation of average BP value from measured values

Large, clear and legible 3rd line display
Life of new alkaline batteries approx. 1000 measurements Measuring

range: Blood pressure 0-299 mmHg, Pulse 40-180 / min.
Measurement accuracy: Blood pressure / - 3 mmHg, Pulse / - 5% of measured value

Weight: devices without batteries approx. 280 g, cuffs approx. 170 g
Instrument dimensions: approx. 123 (W) x 158 (H) x 85 mm (D)

CE 0197 Classification according to European Medicines Directive 93/42 / EEC - Class II A
Clinically proven accuracy

Package includes : Instrument, 220 V AC power adapter, EASY extended cuff (for arm circumference 22-42 cm), AA alkaline batteries (4pcs), travel case, approved by OMRON Healthcare Europe, CELIMED blue warranty card

4 year warranty.