Omron M300 Plus tonometre with 220V AC power supply

Omron M300 Plus tonometre with 220V AC power supply


  • $128.50

  • Blood pressure and pulse are among the basic health indicators. You do not have to go to the doctor every day to watch them, even in the comfort of your home, thanks to the automatic digital tonometer - a blood pressure meter - from the proven OMRON medical supplies manufacturer .

    It monitors your health and proper use

    The use of the pressure gauge is very easy, the whole control is provided by one button. The results are displayed on a perfectly clear display, so that the pulse and pulse values ​​can be measured by almost all users, even the less technologically savvy. The device even warns you if the cuff is not properly fitted.

    The irregular heart rate reporting function is very practical - thanks to it, the tonometer can detect potential problems even when the “average” is OK.

    Versatile and practical

    Included is a versatile cuff to measure arm pressure with a circumference of 22-42 cm, so it fits most people perfectly. The device can be powered by four AA batteries, but right in the package is a power supply, so you do not have to worry about staying at home.

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