Omron MIT5 S Connect tonometre + 5 years warranty

Omron MIT5 S Connect tonometre + 5 years warranty


  • $137.50

Don't waste your valuable time waiting long at your doctor's office whenever you need to measure pressure. Maintain maximum visibility into its evolution in the comfort of your home. The Omron MIT5 "S" Connect tonometer will help you to do this quickly and with maximum accuracy . The device is very easy to handle. Just clip the cuff to your arm; the color indicator next to the display will let you know if you have it correctly attached to measure the instrument accurately.

In addition to actual pressure measurement, the tonometer also monitors hypertension. If any of the values ​​is higher than the recommended healthy pressure range, the color indicator lights up. In addition, there is an arrhythmia icon on the display that appears when the tonometer detects an irregular pulse. The data are stored in the internal memory of the instrument, which can hold up to 2 × 100. Of course, each of them also information about the specific date and time of measurement.

Bluetooth connection

Connect your device to your smartphone or tablet for even more insight into your pressure. Simply connect both devices wirelessly via Bluetooth . Download the free OMRON Connect application to store your values ​​so that you can view them back even when the tonometer is not at hand.

Package contents:

  • tonometer
  • cuff
  • 4 × AA alkaline batteries
  • travel case
  • instructions in Czech language
  • warranty card

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