One Touch Select Plus test strips 50 pcs

One Touch Select Plus test strips 50 pcs

One Touch

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The OneTouch Select Plus system determines the amount of glucose (quantitative) in a fresh capillary blood sample. Measuring glucose is easy and helps to manage diabetes . The OneTouch Select Plus test strips are compatible with the OneTouch Select Plus and OneTouch Select Plus Flex. The system is suitable for use at home and for healthcare professionals in clinical settings as an aid in monitoring the effectiveness of diabetes control.

Test principle: Blood glucose is mixed with special chemicals on the test strip to produce an electrical current. The strength of this current varies depending on the amount of glucose in the blood sample. The meter measures electrical current, calculates blood glucose, displays the result, and stores it in memory.


Always wash and dry your hands carefully before use. Remove one test strip from the tube and reseal the tube carefully. With clean, dry hands, you can touch anywhere on the test strip surface. Do not bend, cut or modify the strip. Make sure the temperature of the meter and test strips are the same before testing. Apply a drop of blood and place in the meter.

The strips are for single use only . Do not return the used strip back to the tube after measurement.


Do not reuse the test strip on which you have already applied blood or control solution. Do not allow liquids, dirt, dust, blood, or control solution to enter the test strip port or data port. Refer to the OneTouch Select ®  Plus Package Leaflet before use .

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