Ophthalmo Septonex eye ointment 5 g -

Ophthalmo Septonex eye ointment 5 g


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Ophthalmo-Septonex disinfectant eye ointment is suitable for the treatment of non-purulent inflammations of the anterior section of the eye. Ophthalmo-Septonex is used for eyelid and conjunctivitis, corneal damage after removal of foreign bodies and after injuries. It can be used for short or pregnancy and breastfeeding. Ophthalmo-Septonex eye ointment can be used by adults and children.


Adults and children bring eye ointment into the conjunctival sac or apply a small amount of eye ointment to the eyelid 3-5 times a day for a maximum of 14 days. When co-treated with eye drops, the ointment is usually used for the night. It is advisable to leave the eye closed for 2-3 minutes after the ointment is inserted into the eye gap so that the active substance does not escape with tears and can be absorbed by the cornea and conjunctiva.


The active substance is carbethopendecinium bromide 5 mg in 5 g eye ointment.

The other ingredients are eye white vaseline, sheep wool (lanolin), white wax, purified water.


Ophthalmo-Septonex eye ointment contains sheep wool fat (lanolin), which can cause local skin reactions (eg contact dermatitis).

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