Optichamber Diamond set inhalation adapter + mask size L

Optichamber Diamond set inhalation adapter + mask size L


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Combination of comfort and functionality

The Philips OptiChamber Diamond set (mask inhalation attachment) provides an elegant combination of comfort and functionality. Low-resistance membranes open freely and facilitate inhalation for all patients, including children. The removable mask has a soft contoured rim that makes it close to the face for proper sealing and optimal dosing. The exhalation valve at the top allows the correct inhalation to be checked. Incorrect inhalation technique, eg high effort or very fast inhalation, will give a warning beep.   

Its main advantages:

- The antistatic chamber holds the aerosol longer, giving patients enough time to thoroughly inhale the drug. Most of the drug reaches the lungs where it treats. (When inhaled directly from a dose inhaler without the capsule, the drug can stick to the mouth, throat, stomach and cause side effects).

- Low  resistance membranes make it easier for patients to breathe through the adapter chamber. These membranes open freely even with less breathing effort in children, and allow easy inhalation using the extension.

- By gently pressing the mask to the face, its edge is sealed with a soft grip to ensure optimal dosing . The mask has a soft contoured edge that makes it gently adhere to the face (size S, M, L).

- The exhalation valve at the top allows the correct inhalation to be checked. Incorrect inhalation technique , eg high effort or very rapid inhalation, will give a warning beep.


The OptiChamber Diamond inhalation adapter meets different patient needs. It was developed with regard to:

- Patients with insufficient coordination. The antistatic material retains the aerosol longer, allowing the patient sufficient time to inhale the drug.

- Patients with insufficient inspiration. Low-resistance membranes allow the patient to breathe easily through the adapter chamber with minimal resistance.

- Patients requiring a mask. Simply put the LiteTouch face mask with a soft grip and gently press against the face for proper sealing.

- Patients who have to be given the medicine by another person. The exhalation membrane movement during exhalation allows the nurse to monitor the patient's respiratory rate and coordinate inhalation accordingly.


Stepped mouthpiece  is suitable for children and adults.

Maintenance: the  attachment can be easily disassembled and washed with warm water and a mild soap solution or a mild liquid detergent (this detergent and soap solution is not included in the inhaler attachment package). Let it dry.


Product Specifications:


Capacity: 140 ml Length: 14.2 Mouthpiece: Can be attached to standard 22 mm couplings

Used materials

Extension chamber: Antistatic plastic ABS LiteTouch mask: Polycarbonate silicone (PC)

Membranes: Silicone (latex-free)

Service life: Recommended replacement after 1 year

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