Ovosan 90 capsules

Ovosan 90 capsules


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OVOSAN Benefits 
 OVOSAN to achieve high levels of biologically active phospholipids BAF®
 without any negative side effects and long-term application
 does not interfere with any medical procedures
 does not affect the function of any organ

OVOSAN is a suspension of Biologically Active Phospholipids BAF®.
Phospholipids generally represent a group of substances containing glycerol, fatty acids and phosphoric acid. They perform a number of important functions in the body (organism). They are an essential component of animal and plant organisms where they are present both as part of cell and intracellular membranes and as part of lipoproteins. They are of great importance in nervous tissues, especially in the brain.1) BAF® phospholipids are found in the cell membranes, muscles, heart, kidneys, lungs, nervous system and bloodstream.2) Because the human body must constantly renew itself to the individual tissues have retained their vital activity, enough substances must be contained in the diet, from which the body can create the necessary substances to restore and support the activity of its own tissues. With the increased need to protect tissues and especially cell membranes that contain phospholipids,
1) Velíšek J., Hajšlová J .: Food Chemistry, 3rd edition, OSSIS, Havlíčkův Brod, 2009
2) Kára J .: PNAE Ether Phospholipid Against Tumor Cells: Prevention and Therapy of Metastasis, Third Edited, May 2004, page 18 , tab. 1: Distribution of radioactivity of 14C-PNAE (s) and 14C-labeled metabolites in mouse organs after repeated iv injections of 14C-PNAE (s) of BSF1 mice bearing Mc11 sarcoma.
OVOSAN is not addictive, it does not contain preservatives or synthetic dyes. Long-term monitoring has shown that it is not toxic to healthy cells of the body.
BAF® are not toxic to embryo or mother.3)
3) Pouckova P., Zadinova M., Pokorna E .: Two-generation reproductive toxicity test of BAF® in Wistar rats, 2011
Sunflower oil refined, egg extract (phospholipids, neutral lipids), gelatin, moisturizer glycerol, purified water.
Composition 1 capsule Egg extract 150 mg of which - egg Biologically Active Phospholipids BAF® min. 75 mg - cholesterol max. 1 mg Refined sunflower oil 350 mg Gelatin shell (gelatin, glycerol, water) 180 mg

The active ingredient is gradually separated in the capsule. By this natural process a deposit characteristic of the product is formed in the capsule.
The preparation is not intended for children under 3 years of age.
Keep out of reach of children.
It does not replace a varied diet.
Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.
Discard any unused residue - municipal waste.
Store in a dry and dark place below 25 ° C (protected from sun and frost).
Pack of
90 capsules with a total weight of 61.2 g.
The capsules are placed in a box in six blister packs of fifteen capsules.
recommended daily dose is 3 to 9 capsules a day; in cases of exhaustion and weakening of the body 9 capsules a day. For children from 3 years 1-2 capsules a day.
Take the capsules best after a meal. It is advisable to ensure an increased supply of fluids (about 2.5 liters per day) for good kidney function and sufficiently rapid leaching of toxic substances from the body.
Dosage recommended to consult a doctor for free advice line OVOSAN 800 201 210

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