Ozone oil 10ml Steriwund

Ozone oil 10ml Steriwund


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Ozone oil is a hydrating, protective ozone-based oil with revitalizing effects. Its use is mainly in the field of pedicure and pediatrics. Helps restore dry and stressed skin. It is used for cracked skin on heels and feet, it can also be used as a massage oil. Thanks to the mineral oil content, O-zone oil creates a protective barrier on the skin surface, which prevents water from escaping from the skin. The main active ingredient is ozonated olive oil, which is produced by saturating olive oil with ozone. Another component of O-zone oil is macadamia oil.

The package contains 10 ml.

Dosage and method of use

Generally, it is sufficient to apply O-zone oil to the skin and spread lightly. It is best to massage it into the skin, if the condition of the skin allows. There is no need to cover the skin.

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