Panthenol spray 130 g -

Panthenol spray 130 g


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Panthenol Spray is used to treat skin injuries such as abrasions, burns, scalding and healing of skin inflammation caused by sunlight.

Detailed product information

Panthenol Spray is used to treat skin injuries of different origins, such as abrasions, burns, scalp or cracks in the skin with little elastic skin - cracks, cracks (cracks, cracks). It is also suitable for skin damaged by sunlight and helps to treat sunbathing. The product may be used by adults, adolescents and can be used (under adult supervision) in children of all ages.


Apply the product to the affected area several times a day from a distance of 10-20 cm. Without consulting your doctor, you can use the product for sick skin for up to 14 days.


The active substance is dexpanthenol. One hundred grams of spray contains dexpanthenol 4.63g.

The other ingredients are a particularly liquid wax, emulsifying cetylstearyl alcohol, light liquid paraffin, peracetic acid, purified water, propane, butane and isobutane as spraying aids.

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