PARAKITO Mosquito & Tick Repellent spray 75 ml

PARAKITO Mosquito & Tick Repellent spray 75 ml


  • $44.50

Parakito spray is successfully tested against various species of mosquitoes (common and tiger mosquitoes - Anopheles gambiae, Aedes albopictus and others) and ticks. Provides complete local protection for 8 hours against mosquitoes and 5 hours against ticks. Thanks to the patented recipe without alcohol and surfactants, it is suitable for the whole family. The spray does not contain DEET or other chemical derivatives thereof. Micronebulization Parakito spray will give you full body protection. The spray uses the patented ClayCell-Complex technology, which reduces the penetration of repellent components into the skin and increases their effectiveness. This makes it very effective and gentle on the skin.

  • It is suitable for the whole family, people with sensitive skin and children from 6 months
  • 8-hour proven effectiveness against mosquitoes - tested against tiger mosquitoes
  • 5 hours of proven effectiveness against ticks
  • Made in France
  • Contains only active substances from plants (PMD - CITREPEL 26%)
  • Does not contain DEET
  • 0% alcohol and chemical binders
  • Patented ClayCell - Complex technology
The package contains 75 ml.


Not suitable for children under 6 months of age.

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