Pet health care Dental and gum care 100 ml

Pet health care Dental and gum care 100 ml

Pet health care

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What is Dental and gum care and why use it?        
Veterinary product Dental and gum care is designed for gentle cleaning of teeth and gums, removal of bacterial plaque from the oral cavity. Regular caring for teeth and gums, careful care can prevent tooth decay and bacterial inflammation, which can result in tooth loss.               
What active substances does it contain?       
Active substances Concentration mg / package     
Chlorhexidine 0.05% 50.00     
Panthenol 0.50% 500.00     
Mint extract 1.00% 1,000.00     
Melissa extract 1.00% 1,000.00     
Polysorbate 80 (Ercasorb 2080 ) 100% 1,00% 1 000,00     
Water ad 100 000,00     
What is the recommended application of the preparation?       
The solution is intended for application to teeth and gums. Pour the solution into the measuring cup provided and soak a toothbrush. Clean your teeth and gums carefully.              
How often to use?       
Application 1-2 times a week       
What else is good to know?       
The product is USKVBL approved and available over the counter.        
Store in a dry place at 15-30C. Do not freeze.        
Content : 100ml  

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