Pharmatex Vaginal repositories 10 pcs -

Pharmatex Vaginal repositories 10 pcs


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Local contraceptive with spermicidal effect.

Detailed product information

Active substance: Benzalkonium chloride solution 500 g / l 0.0378 g (equivalent to Benzalkonium chloride 0.0189 g) in 1 vag. globules. 
Excipients: Hydroxypropyl cellulose, hardened fat. 

Vaginal contraceptive. 

Local contraceptive with spermicidal effect (destroying sperm fertilization capacity). 
The repositories begin to work after 5 minutes, and from that moment on they provide contraceptive protection for at least 4 hours. 

Pharmatex vaginal repositories are for local contraception. Their use is recommended especially in the following cases:

  • temporary or permanent contraindication of oral contraception
  • contraindications for the use of intrauterine body or intolerance
  • contraception in the post-parturition or abortion period and before menopause
  • contraception during accidental (episodic) intercourse.

Hypersensitivity to the active substance, benzalkonium chloride. 
If the condition mentioned in this paragraph occurs only during the use of the product, please inform your treating physician. 

Side effects are not known. If any unusual reactions occur, consult a doctor. 


No other vaginal medication should be used with this contraception. 
If you are using another vaginal medicine, you must stop using it before taking Pharmatex vaginal bleeding. 


Before each sexual intercourse, use a new globe regardless of the cycle period.

  1. Remove the repositories from the protective packaging.
  2. Approximately 5 minutes before sexual intercourse, insert the repositories as deep as possible into the vagina (the insertion is best done in the lying).
  3. Repeat sexual intercourse to put a new repositories .

Spermicidal (sperm fertilization) effect of this preparation is lost in any contact with soap:

  1. Hygiene of the external genital organs after sexual intercourse is possible only without the use of soap.
  2. With sexual intercourse, it is necessary to wait for at least 2 hours. The use and simultaneous administration of other products is prohibited for possible undesirable interactions.
  3. For the same reasons, vaginal bleeding may not be performed prior to sexual intercourse.
  4. If you are experiencing problems with the introduction of the globule into the vagina, it is advisable to moisten with a small amount of water before applying the globule.
  5. If the vaginal cells have been stored warm, transfer them to the refrigerator. After a short time, they get their original shape without damaging the functionality.

Before you use the product, you are familiar with the principle of this type of contraception. The product should not be used without familiarization with the instructions. In case of any doubt, talk to your doctor. 

The product should not be used after the expiry date stated on the package! 
Keep the product out of the reach of children! 
In case of overdose or accidental ingestion by a child, consult a doctor. 

Up to 25 ° C. 

10 vaginal repositories . 

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