Physiomer Kids nasal spray 115 ml -

Physiomer Kids nasal spray 115 ml

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It cleanses the nostrils and helps prevent rhinitis. In the rhyme effectively removes excess mucus.

Detailed product information

For children from 3 years old. 

PHYSIOMER® Kids cleans the nostrils and helps prevent mood swings. In the rhythm effectively removes excess mucus and helps reduce the risk of recurrence of infections and complications of ENT (inflammation of the cavities, middle ear, nasopharynx). 

1 injection into each nostril 1 x daily as part of daily hygiene. 
For rhinitis and blocked nose, increase the dose per 1 injection twice a day to each nostril. 

Rinse hot water after each spray application to prevent clogging. 

The results of clinical trials have shown:

  • faster relief of symptoms associated with colds and colds,
  • reducing the consumption of medication (nasal decongestants, mucolytics and others),
  • improvement of health condition in rhinitis and colds,
  • shortening the length of the illness,
  • reducing the risk of developing and frequent complications during the illness,
  • good product tolerance.

115 ml 

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