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Phyteneo Kolodium forte 10 ml solution


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The Kolodium forte medical device is intended for human use in patients with skin lesions (warts, corns, corn skin) to gently remove hardened, cornified skin, corn eyes and warts by causing separation of the top, corner, fully keratinized skin layer. keratolytic effect.

Detailed product information

Colodium forte is a solution formulation for topical use on affected skin areas. It is a slightly green viscous liquid with a characteristic odor packed in a bottle with a closure that includes a spatula. 

Colodium forte contains the following active substances:
Terebinthinae etheroleum rectificatum (turpentine essential oil) is used in the composition at 0.16% (w / w). Purified pine resin turpentine essential oil contains terpenes pinenes, camphen and limonene. It acts antiseptically, promotes blood circulation, increases the resorption of pathologically altered tissue and promotes granulation tissue formation.

Chelidonia extractum fluid is an ethanolic extract of Chelidonium majus. It is used in an amount of 2.2% (w / w). The celandine contains high levels of alkaloids (chelidonine, chelidoxanthin) and is used as a wart remover in folk medicine. Alkaloids have antimicrobial and antifungal effects when used externally. 

Further, the composition comprises a collodion (a solution of nitrated cellulose in a mixture of alcohol), salicylic acid and lactic acid. These ingredients provide a gentle disruption to the thick, thick, coarse skin layer. Others are ingredients of plant origin: thuja, castor oil. Thuja contains a range of monoterpenes (thujone, isothujone, fenchone, sabinen and alpha-pinene) and has a toning effect. 

The product is used to remove hardened, cornified skin, corn eyes and warts. 

The product should not be used if the patient is hypersensitive to any of the substances listed in the formulation. It must not be applied to healthy skin and mucous membranes, to genital and rectal warts and to moles. 

Interactions : 
Product interactions are unknown. 

Undesirable effects:
In rare cases, burning at the application site may occur as an adverse reaction, or irritation may occur when applied to healthy skin. 

Dosage and administration:
It is applied according to the size of the affected area, usually 1-3 drops 2 times a day. Preferably apply the spatula on the cap directly to the affected area. When applying to a larger area, spread the device evenly. After application, the solution dries quickly to form a white film on the skin surface. 

If the product is applied to a place where it is quickly wiped off (eg on the foot, etc.), it is possible to cover the plaster instead of after the product has dried. The application is repeated until the cornified skin is painlessly removed.

Apply the product only to the affected area to avoid overlapping the surrounding healthy skin. Although signs of action will not be evident after the first application, do not increase the amount or frequency of the applied device. The action of the composition is individual. The first signs of effect can be seen after a few days. 

Before removing the top layer of tissue, best immerse the place for five minutes in warm water with added salt. Dry, and if the tissue does not spontaneously loosen, rub the surface carefully eg with pumice. Attention, during this procedure it is possible to transfer the skin disease of eg viral origin (warts), therefore use your own hygienic aids. 

The recommended continuous use time should not exceed 10 days. Re-use in the same place can only be started after 5-7 days.


Pregnant or breast-feeding women should use the product in consultation with a specialist. 
Do not use in children under 3 years of age. Children under 15 years of age should use the device under adult supervision. 
Diabetes patients should consult their physician about the use of the product. 
Persons with sensitive skin should use the product with caution and first verify its effect on a small surface of the affected area for 2-3 days. 
Do not use the product in case of allergies or hypersensitivity to any of its components. 

Storage : 
Keep out of the reach of children. Store in the original package. Close tightly after use and store upright.

Warning : 
The product is flammable! 
In case of accidental ingestion, drink plenty of water. Seek medical attention immediately. 
In case of contact with eyes, rinse with running water. Seek medical attention immediately. 

Consult your doctor if you are unsure about the nature of the affected area. 
If you notice any side effects, contact your doctor. 

Packaging : 
The Kolodium forte pack contains 10 ml of solution filled in a brown glass vial with a spatula cap.

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