PIZ BUIN NEW SPF30 Moutain Sun Cream 50 ml

PIZ BUIN NEW SPF30 Moutain Sun Cream 50 ml


  • $37.50

Piz Buin new spray SPF30 Montain cream extremely hydrates and protects the skin not only from the sun, but also from the cold and dry wind. It has a fine consistency, is well absorbed and allows the skin to breathe freely because it does not lubricate it.
It is resistant to water and sweat, thus ensuring maximum protection. Ideal for skiers and snowboarders, climbers and hikers moving in the mountains during the winter.
COLD SHIELD COMPLEX is a comprehensive protection against the cold, which helps ensure long-lasting hydration, protects the skin from extreme wind and cold. Contains shea butter, trehalose and glycerin.
Edelweiss has a strong natural defense system that allows it to survive the intense sunlight, extreme cold and wind that are typical of alpine environments. Edelweiss extract helps neutralize free radicals generated in the skin and protects it from UV radiation.
The product was dermatologically tested.

Dosage and method of use

Apply evenly and in sufficient quantity before sunbathing. Apply repeatedly, especially after bathing, drying, or if you are sweating.


The product contains shea butter, glycerin, trehalose and edelweiss.

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