Plantur 39 Caffeine balm for colored hair 150 ml

Plantur 39 Caffeine balm for colored hair 150 ml

Dr Wolff

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Frequent washing of hair heavily burden their surface. Consequence: hair loses shine and combs poorly. The balm for colored and damaged hair is specially adapted to the Plantur 39 active ingredient system and contains a “caffeine bumper” which protects the previously absorbed caffeine complex from being washed out. 
With increasing age, hair pigment cells may lose their ability to add color to the hair, which then grows gray or white. Staining hair and scalp burden. Plantur 39 balm for colored, damaged and stressed hair regenerates the hair surface and gives them shine. Thanks to the active ingredients of the avocado, the hair is soft and easy to trim. At the same time, the balm protects your scalp.

After washing, apply the appropriate amount of hazelnut evenly to the wet hair, leave for 30 seconds and then rinse.

avocado extracts, caffeine

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