PM Propolis Maral extra 3% oral spray 25m

PM Propolis Maral extra 3% oral spray 25m


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PM Propolis Maral extra 3% in the form of oral spray contains active substances from extracts, which belong to the groups in which a significant complex of effects of general strengthening and toning with antimicrobial effect has been demonstrated. The spray has a characteristic aroma of balms and peppermint and a slightly bitter taste of propolis and maral root. Thanks to the mixture of active substances, the spray is well absorbed in the oral cavity, influences metabolic processes and increases mental and physical performance and the body's defenses. Maral extracts are also used as an aphrodisiac and for anorexia.

Dosage and method of use

Apply the product directly to problematic areas of the oral cavity and skin.
For application in the oral cavity, use 3 injections into the mouth 3 times a day.


The product contains alcohol, aqua purificata, bee propolis extract 2%, leuzea carthamoides root extract 1% and menthol.


Not suitable for people sensitive to bee products.

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