pFizer Preparation H ointment 25 g -

pFizer Preparation H ointment 25 g


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Preparation H is used to treat hemorrhoids, which usually accompany pain, irritation and itching in the rectum.

Detailed product information

The preparation H Maste is designed to relieve the symptoms associated with hemorrhoids - pain, irritation, itching . It helps relieve swelling caused by inflammation in the area of ​​the rectum and at the same time facilitates the painful emptying that the hemorrhoids can accompany.

Preparation H ointment is intended for teens and adults from the age of 18 years. Nursing mothers and pregnant women may only take the product after consultation with a physician.


The product is for topical use and for rectal administration. After gently washing and drying the rectum, apply the rectal ointment in a thin layer to a sensitive area around the rectum. If necessary, the product can be applied directly to the rectum using the supplied applicator. The product is applied every morning, in the evening and after each emptying of the intestines. Do not stop treatment immediately at first signs of improvement, but at least 5 days to reach full effect. If your condition gets worse or does not improve within 7 days, talk to your doctor.


The active substances are: Faecis extractum fluidum 1 g, Selachiorum hepatis oleum 3 g in 100 g ointment.

Excipients are: White Vaseline, Light Liquid Paraffin, Sheep Wool Grease, Ointment Base (Sheep Wool Grease, Sheep Wool Fat Alcohols, Liquid Paraffin, Vaseline, Ozokerite, Butylhydroxytoluene (E 321)), glycerol, , propylparaben.


If you are bleeding from the rectum or if you have a bleeding stool and you are not sure if hemorrhoids are bleeding, seek a doctor as soon as possible.

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