Proactivet Healthy movement of 90 tablets -

Proactivet Healthy movement of 90 tablets


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Joint Nutrition Proactivet HEALTHY MOVEMENT is 90 flavored tablets of concentrated strength for the treatment and prevention of joint problems in dogs.

Detailed product information

The concentrated strength of all important chondroprotectives nourishes and regenerates the musculoskeletal system . It alleviates pain and stiffness even in severe disabilities. Suitable for long-term use. Flavored tablets for easy administration. Flavored tablets for easy administration. It is important to administer joint nutrition regularly and to adapt the dog's lifestyle. Suitable for preventive feeding in puppies.


Glucosamine sulfate 500 mg, chondroitin sulfate 200 mg, MSM 250 mg, hyaluronic acid 20 mg, hydrolysed collagen 3 mg, vitamin C 33 mg, brewer's yeast 175 mg in 1 tablet.

Excipients: maltodextrin, cellulose, bovine powder, cheese flavor, stearic acid, silica, xanthan gum.


Healthy movement tablets contain beef and cheese flavor to help you with the pamlsku effect and you do not have to overcharge the joint diet for regular purchases of ham. The dog enjoys his daily dose.

Weight of dog

Daily intake (first 14 days of use)

Daily maintenance dose (continued)

1-8 kg

1/2 tablets

1/2 tablets

8-16 kg

1 tablet

1 / 2-1 tablet

16-32 kg

2 tablets

1-1.5 tablets

33 and over

3-4 tablets

1.5-2 tablets

Tablets are given daily, according to the recommended dosage by direct administration as a meal or mixed with food. Minimum duration of use 3 months. Continue for 1-2 months and then start serving again after this time. The product should be used on a long-term basis as a prevention for large breeds or aging dogs.


Just for animals! Protect from children and uneducated persons. Use up to the date indicated on the packaging and within four months of opening.

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